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The Pergola

Time to relax and enjoy
If a job's worth doing...
Finished pergola
Finishing touches

Here is the news for July 2023. Ilfracombe Yacht Club  made a dramatic improvement to the club facilities with the addition of a Pergola! The assembly instructions said it would take 2-3 persons, 3-4 hours to build. In reality, there were a crew of 6 and it took them 9 hours! Luckily it went together without any hitches!

The result is just fabulous. The roof opens and closes, the sides pull down and it is quipped with heaters and neon lights. All in all, a satisfying days work and a glorious addition to the best sea terrace in Ilfracombe. Come and enjoy!  

I thought it was a pop-up pergola?
It said 3 hours max?
Flat pack pergola
Flat pack pergola
A well deserved pint
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